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Wednesday 1 January 2014

Grandparents wedding photographer stood 61 years ago treated touching photo shoot

Posted by at 3:11 PM

Grandparents wedding photographer stood 61 years ago treated touching photo shoot

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season. Sometimes during Christmas time we are too busy to recognize love and remember what this season is all about. As I was searching the internet for some stories about the elderly I came across this uplifting story! This couple proves that true love does exist and that after years of marriage couples can still be head of heels for each other. I hope this lifts your spirit for the New Year!

“An elderly Boston couple whose wedding photographer stood them up 61 years ago, leaving them with just one image to remember their special day, finally have the pictures they always wanted.

As an adorable holiday gift, the family of Dorothy and Donald Lutz, affectionately known as 'Nina and Gramps' decided to organize some truly memorable anniversary photos for the beloved octogenarians who have never taken their rings off and are still the best of friends after six decades together.

An event designer, their granddaughter on her husband's side, Lauren Wells organized the touching present, and thought a theme from the animated movie 'Up' would be perfect way to celebrate the couple's love, so many years after they said their vows.”

'Nina and Gramps are quite literally the cutest couple ever,' Wells wrote on her website of her husband Matt's 82-year-old grandparents.

'They never got proper wedding photos, as their photographer stood them up 61 years ago. Us grandkids decided a photo album would make the perfect holiday present, and as such, the UP-themed anniversary shoot was born!'

Complete with candy-colored balloons, leftover from one of Wells' events, antique velvet chairs and other old-timey props such as a picnic basket and suitcases, 'Nina and Gramps' posed on Old Northern Avenue Bridge for the moving shots, taken by Cambria Grace Photography.

The resulting series is heart-warming, tear-jerking and 100 per cent inspirational - and in every picture the couple's unending love for one another is clear for all to see.

Donald met Dorothy when she was a waitress at a luncheonette in Randolph and he was on a break from the Army, he recounted to the Boston Globe.

The pair wrote letters back and forth until Donald returned from service.

He said he knew 'pretty early on' that she was the one.

With an engagement ring tucked into a box of chocolates, Donald proposed on Cambridge Common, and the two were wed not long after, on July 20, 1952. Sadly, the couple had just one picture to remember their happy day.

'(Dorothy) certainly wasn't happy about it, but those things happen,' Donald told the Globe of being stood up by their wedding photographer.

However, the newlyweds moved on, settling into a home in Randolph and raising their children who then had children of their own.

Looking back, Dorothy said, photos or no photos, the best gift of all has been right beside her all this time.

'I was more excited about being married to the one that I loved very much,' she said. 'That was the main thing.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2528742/Grandparents-wedding-photographer-stood-61-years-ago-treated-touching-photo-shoot-never-anniversary.html#ixzz2pBUaKd4t